On Coughing Up a Lung

Good grief.  It is ALLERGY SEASON in Phoenix.  We’ve had really high temps for weeks now, and EVERYTHING is blooming.  My wife and I went for a run after dark a few nights ago, and I have a headlight I wear.  You would not believe the dust/pollen  you could see flowing right into your lungs.  My car is a dark midnight blue (I LOVE my Chevy HHR, and I really, really, really wish they would bring it back).  Each morning I come out and there is a nice thick layer of pollen and dust on it.  And it is windy this evening, too.  So I just did a killer interval set on the rower (which is outside at this time of year).  I did a 2000m warm up, a 1000m cool down, and in between a 200m/1:00 rest, 300m/1:00 rest, 400m/1:30 rest, 500m/2:00 rest then back down interval sprint set, all out.  Max efforts on the 200 and 300m, super high intensity on the 400 and 500m.  Well, I now sound like I have been smoking a pack a day for the past ten years.  All that dust and pollen has filled my lungs to capacity!  The sound of fitness indeed!  But, off for 500 crunches—putting me over the 20,000 crunches in 2016 mark (goal is 100,000 for the year, I’m just a little ahead of pace right now).