Trump, Patton, and Baptists

So I jumped in the car last night to run an errand and right then the CNN/Salem folks were interviewing Pastor Jeffress, the famous mega-church Southern Baptist pastor who seems to have a real knack for getting on television.  Most of the time, of course, we can be thankful for what Pastor Jeffress has to say, but sometimes we are left wondering exactly where he is coming from.

Pastor Jeffress has been busy lately promoting Donald Trump.  So last night he was on prior to the Republican debate.  And he was asked a rather obvious question: how about the fact that Trump uses profanity in public, including dropping the “f” bomb?  Jeffress’ response left me weaving down the road. He said he would rather not have Trump speaking like that, but, hey, lots of Presidents have used profanity.  And we’ve had great Americans who could swear a blue streak.  And then he brought up General George Smith Patton, Jr.  Yes, Patton’s mouth was incredible.  He even taught his sons to swear, and would encourage them to do so as young kids in front of guests (he was a very wealthy man and would often have parties at his lavish quarters).  And Jeffress tells us that Patton was a winner in war, and we are in a war today too, and we need a winner!

And I’m left stuttering.  What has happened to clear thinking in our day amongst people once called “evangelicals”?  Patton was a political disaster, a constant drain on the mental energy of Eisenhower and others in covering over his gaffs due to his inability to control his tongue.  And the war he was great at has absolutely, positively NOTHING TO DO with the war we face today.  Eisenhower literally had no one else who could do what Patton could do.  Are you seriously saying we have no one else who can do what Trump can do?  I have yet to find a single human being who can look me in the eye and give me the first bit of in-depth, logical thought to support this statement:  “I believe Donald Trump would be the best person to make meaningful, important decisions about marriage, sexuality, abortion, ethics, morality, and especially the nomination of Supreme Court Justices.”  But we do have pastors appearing on national television dismissing Trump’s profanity by references to George S. Patton.  At times I simply wonder if I am asleep after watching one too many episodes of the Twilight Zone.  I sort of hope so…since I should wake up soon and this will all fade away.