The Destruction of a Culture

No nation can survive when its people are divided at a fundamental, basic level. Look at Iraq. It took a brutal dictator to hold together what was, in fact, three different nations (Sunnis, Shias, Kurds). But even then, there was a common language and vocabulary in that context. The most effective means of destroying a nation is to make sure its people have different languages, different worldviews, different values.

Here is a tweet from an ultra-left “Christian” who got some notoriety recently by just being the kind of “Union Theological Seminary” person she is. She is described by Machen, perfectly, in Christianity and Liberalism. In any case, her views are not the point here. Look at the headline. President Trump moved to stop using federal money to promote critical race theory in government programs. Now, of course, CRT (and all its related destructive cousins, Critical Law Theory, Critical Gender Theory, any Critical _____ Theory) has been infecting our universities and governmental structures for decades, long before Obama (but he surely accelerated the process, purposefully).

I have seen many Christians rejoicing at this move, and in a day when anything that isn’t simply “the Chinese Communist Party is the GREATEST!” is to be taken as a plus, I guess I get it. But let’s be honest: this is closing the barn door long after the cow, the horse, the goat, the pig, the chickens and even Charlotte and her brood have long disappeared over the horizon. Any “Executive Order” like this can be turned upside down in January of 2021—assuming we are actually blessed enough to have a meaningful election and transfer of power, or continuation of the current administration (and I am not alone in thinking that would be a miracle of grace and supernatural restraint). If President Harris is placed in office (by a combination of ballot harvesting, voter intimidation, or even worse) this would be reversed with a vengeance, and critical theory will be forced down our collective throats with the alleged weight of law, and that promptly.

But please note the language, or, the abuse thereof. “Federal anti-racism training.” We have been lamenting the redefinition of language for years, but that has not stopped its ultimate success. Evidently Twitter-based complaints are not what is needed to change society. Critical Race Theory is, in the plainest meaning of the words from the era where words had meaning because they corresponded to consistent categories of thought rooted in a view of reality that included the concept of objective truth, racist. It promotes irrational animosity and prejudice between ethnic groups based upon categories that are indefensible in an adult society. But today, to be “anti-racist” is to be…racist. The language has been hi-jacked, and Syme has been busy working on the NewSpeak dictionary, sending out his daily dispatches to vox and CNN and MSNBC and the faculties of every university and (frighteningly) to many high up in the nation’s military. To believe all lives matter, that the word “matter” is the meaning-carrying verbal element of that phrase that requires a coherent worldview, and to seek to judge others by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, is now, and has always been, “racist.” Don’t miss that last part. Syme’s work of creating the new language was directly connected to Winston’s work of changing history, editing the newspapers, altering reality. This is why Washington and Jefferson and Franklin and the whole lot have to be torn down and banished—because this has always been the way it must be. History is the ever-present.

Trump’s action, late and futile as it is, is not racist in the real world where language must be allowed to know history. But for the elites, who have abandoned any such view of language, and reality, it is most definitely racism. And there is no arguing with them about it, either. The only way you can argue is by using the very language they have turned into play-dough.

So what can we do? We start by committing ourselves to non-compromise. We will not love Big Brother, we will not use the ever-shrinking NewSpeak Dictionary. We will continue to use long and beautiful words in speaking to ourselves and our spouses and our children and our grandchildren, even if we cannot do so on Facebook or Twitter. We will tell our fellow citizens that critical theory will destroy our nation, our freedoms, our families, our future. We must speak clearly and positively about the Christian worldview, and live it out, praying that God will protect us from evil men and women who seek to destroy freedom, silence gospel proclamation, and enslave mankind to mind-numbing totalitarianism. We have little time. May God be merciful. May we be faithful. Jesus is King, so kiss the Son.