The Real Numbers

I am posting this on my personal blog because the Marxist-techno-fascists of Facebook and Twitter and Google are boldly and openly invested in maintaining the faux-panic they helped to begin back in March. Mankind has never seen such a successful effort at causing people to self-immolate their freedoms and liberties as we have over the course of 2020.

In any case, here is an article that is straightforward, understandable, reasonable, well documented. Which means it will be ignored, of course, or, more likely, suppressed, deleted, etc. But the fact is, covid is a coronavirus that can kill when in the company of complicating factors, just like every other coronavirus we’ve ever encountered. It may have some unique properties as far as the receptors it uses, etc., but when it comes to the actual numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, this article makes a clear and compelling point: when all of the governments of the globe have consolidated all their new power, and people are less free, less healthy, and less productive, so that the daily effort of promoting the panic finally becomes cost ineffective, the numbers will tell the story: all the lockdowns did nothing. All the face masks did nothing. All the economic ruin, suicides, drug overdoses, riots, murders, and shattered lives—were completely avoidable. The final fatality rate of this virus might sneak a teeny bit past “normal” influenza, but not by much, and particularly if somehow, some way real numbers are produced, not the “if you died in a car accident but we found a few covid viruses in the back of your nose you were counted as a covid death” insanity that every medical expert in government has admitted they are promulgating. But by then the world where you had at least some role in determining your own future, your own activities, etc., will be long gone, well in the rear-view mirror, and the battle will be on to once again throw off the yoke of oppression—real oppression, not the feelings-based stuff that is all the rage today. By the way, download this quickly. I expect it will be deleted/suppressed as soon as it starts to take off.